When you are going to associate with a company, and it asks, you to provide a National Police check certificate. The Australian Government also recommends the background check of the employees.

Your friends will certainly recommend you to KONCHECK to attain the Police Check Victoria Online Application. The check is safe, easy and affordable with KONCHECK. It is advisable to understand the procedure prior to applying for the check.

At initiation, provide the complete name and choose the police check kind out of the Standard Employment check and the Volunteer Police Check.

Then you have to complete the payments to KONCHECK. To do so, use Amex card, Visa Card or MasterCard.  To complete the remaining application form, provide the details like birth details, current address history and residential address history until five years.

Then provide the minimum identity documents required for the Police Check. Also, give your consent by signing the form electronically.

After KONCHECK receives your application, it verifies your documents and approves your identity. KONCHECK will then submit it in the National Database.

On getting the result, the applicants are notified and provided the certificate by KONCHECK.

If you are still stuck up with something, reaching out to KONCHECK’s support team is advisable.