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No one loves the iPad more than me. I own two: the original version and the newer slightly different version also known as iPad 2. I enjoy using them both as does my family. It has almost completely replaced my Mac Book Pro as my Mac device of choice. Of course it could never replace my iPhone, but I digress…

Well, the title is accurate. The iPad has only been around since 2010 so its history is brief indeed. But what a spectacular and intense history, or so I thought. Other than the iPhone, has any other electronic device cause such an uproar in recent memory? The infographic begins with the auspicious date of March 12, 2010: Pre-orders for iPad begin. It then shows 13 additional dates the author rated as important enough to be in the iPad’s historic timeline such as, May 3, 2010 when 1 million iPads had been sold; September 17, 2010 reports by Best buy that iPad sales cut laptop sales by 50%; and finally March 11, 2011 when the iPad 2 is for sale in the United States.

But, most of the history revolves around sales numbers, which are nice, but not something that 5 out of 14 dates should be based on. Why do I care that 3.3 million iPad sales were reached on July 21? Let me know how it affects the mobile electronic market or what was said about it both negatively and positively by industry leaders and social media people. This reads more like a sales report at an Apple investors meeting.

Fortunately, there is more here: Who buys the iPad is shown, according to age and sex. Other information includes statistics on the iPad users’ usage and why they bought the darn thing in the first place.

Comparative numbers on the differences between the original and the iPad 2 are given as well as some physical and functional numbers and information about the current iPad model.

The infographic design is sleek and dark, much like the iPad itself. A dark gray background with a subtle pattern is used while a bright blue is the accent color, and should have only been used as the accent color. It is used also for text and that makes for some hard to read content, especially when it is used on a the lighter portion of the gray background. The small type size doesn’t help either, so reading about the iPad’s history is more difficult than using the actual device.

The images and graphics are cohesive and looks like they were meant to be on the same page. They are simple, shapes and silhouettes, and don’t detract from the infographic’s overall appearance. A photograph (or computer image) of the iPad is also used and fits in nicely with the overall design. I particularly like the treatment of the word “iPad” in the top left as the highlighted metal treatment reflects Apple’s design.

After reviewing this infographic about the iPad, I feel it needs some revisions and I look forward to the “iPad Infographic 2” when it comes out. ;-)

Design: C+

The small text and readability issues subtract points, but the clean look, much like the iPad save it from a worse grade.

Information: C+

The information is what you would expect, nothing surprising or hard to find. Mostly stats about the iPad and its sales numbers.

Via: DiscountCoder.com – Infographic Source

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