Iconic Dogs in the Media

PawDigs, a site devoted to dogs, has come up with a great infographic looking at some of the most popular and profitable dogs (both real and digital) to ever grace a TV or movie screen.

Starting with classics such as Rin Tin Tin and Lassie and movie up to more contemporary dogs such as Brian Griffin (of Family Guy fame), this infographic is nice because it not only shows you individual dogs, and gives some great information about each one, but it also devotes a section to the most profitable dog movies of all time (with Turner & Hooch at the bottom and Scooby-Doo at the top). All told dog movies have earned nearly $2 billion dollars. That’s a lot of dog treats.

What I liked most about this infographic was the little bits of info about each of the individual dogs that was provided. I didn’t know that it took 44 St. Bernards to create the sequel to Beethoven, or that every dog that’s played Lassie was a male, even though the character is female. My only real complaint is that it feels like they shoe-horned in the information about the movies, especially since so few of the dogs on the list above are featured in the movies listed. I would have preferred that it was its own infographic.

Design – B-

The overall feel of the infographic reminds me of a theater, but there’s a lot going on and a lot of small text that can be hard to read. I do like that they included images of each of the individual dogs they talked about (in case you were unfamiliar with them), but the end part with the films seems forced and doesn’t add much to the section above. It would have been better served mentioning other dogs.

Content – B-

A lot of good content about the individual dogs, but nothing beyond box office revenue for the dog movies left me a bit disappointed.