More and more it seems the infographic is being watered-down (some would say dumbed-down) until it is little more than a few simple pictures with some insipid facts or boring stats that no one would ever care about unless they had to write a report for their high school class.

Case in point. This infographic would be great as a start for research on the life and times of the eccentric and wealthy Howard Hughes. It IS a timeline of the life of Howard Hughes, but does that make it an infographic? I’m not making a judgment here, just asking the question. What should an infographic provide? Graphics and information, of course, but is their a degree of difficulty involved or some level of graphic prowess that is also needed? Or is it all a matter of relativity. If you think it’s an infographic and a timeline or possibly neither or something else altogether (a cheap marketing ploy), doesn’t that make it your choice and your perspective?

Well, whatever you decide, it is an interesting topic and if you did want to know more about Mr. Howard Hughes, take 60 seconds and skim though this infographic or timeline or whatever you would like to call it. Jane Russell certainly looks nice. ;-)

click image for full size infographic

by GDS Digital

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