I have never watched the TV show The Jersey Shore. This has been a conscience choice for two very good reasons. The first reason for not watching The Jersey Shore is because, God forbid, I might actually like it and then I couldn’t feel superior even as I watch my own fair share of craptastic television. The second reason I avoid this show is that I’m sure it would decrease my I.Q. and I do not hold a surplus on the I.Q. market, but I digress…

As mentioned, I don’t partake in the Guido television show, The Jersey Shore, so I cannot reference the accuracy of the information included in this infographic. I can attest to the humor of this design and the data supplied though. Whether or not these hairstyles from the Jersey Shore are mentioned in the show or are labeled by the infographics author is a mystery to me, but that doesn’t make them any less humorous. DJ Pauly D sports the Blow Out hairdo and Ronnie Magro wears the Faux Hawk with pride. Nicole Snooki Plizzi has a hairstyle named after her, I guess, the Snooki Bump while Deena Nicole Cortese is illustrated with simply luscious curls given to her by hair extensions and lots of teasing.

Directions/instructions are given for each hairstyle so you can attempt to copy your favorite Jersey Shore “star”, at least while their 15 minutes of fame is still ticking along. The content is written with a wry sense of humor and most likely any Guido or Guidette reading it might take the content seriously, which is part of the well-done joke. Some highlights read, “hair extensions may not be for everyone,” “spray it with hairspray…5 minutes straight,” and my favorite, “I’m a a Jersey girl, I like big hair!”

The illustrations are wonderful and I’m sure the body styles and clothing choices are a dead-on match for the realty TV stars. Dresses that are too small and too tight with lots of boobage for the ladies, and tight shirts, tank tops, and exposed chests for the guys are standard fare for these Jersey people. Each illustration captures an attitude which matches the character and contain comedic value that is probably lost on the characters themselves, but will resonate with those who watch the show.

I may never watch the show, God willing, but I’m glad I caught the infographic. Playful, instructive and an all around nice job.

Design: A-

The text is a bit hard to read, but worth reading. Everything else was right on track, colors, illustration and theme.

Information: A

If you want hair like your favorite Jersey Shore realty TV star, follow these directions and live the Guido life!

Infographic provided by Latest Hairstyles.