Infographic Showing Tattoo Removal

How to get rid of a tattoo? In this day and age that is a question asked more and more with tattooing being at an all-time high in popularity.

This infographic shows how to get rid of a tattoo quite nicely and with a nod to one of my favorite art styles, Art Nouveau. It looks as if an actual photograph was used of a woman and then stylized to resemble an illustration or computer graphic. In any case, it is done very well and is certainly eye-catching. Sex sells and this infographic does that with cheeky success, showing us just enough of the lower back and her lower back tattoo to garner the visual interest that all infographics crave. But this graphic isn’t all style, there is plenty of substance too. The procedure for removing tattoos is labeled and illustrated on the right using multiple tattoo removal methods.

This tattoo infographic goes a step further and give interesting statistics on how many people regret getting a tattoo, what types of tattoos are most popular (butterfly, tribal, star, flower, etc.) and what ages. Finally it wraps it up with some medical conclusions and advice about whether to get  tattoo or not. A lot of information is contained in a very organized fashion with just enough graphics to keep it um…interesting.

This is one infographic that, unlike the tattoo of my ex, I won’t want removed.


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