net cars

This handy infographic gives you tips on buying a used car.  And in today’s economy, that’s about all we can afford, right?  This infographic aims to keep you from buying a lemon.

The first thing you see is a “quick reference guide” that points out the different parts of a car you should be concerned with.

After that, the  infographic delves in to 20 things you need to remember when buying a used car, including things about the “tyres.”  This is a UK infographic.  I checked with our resident Brit, and he says that be it a “tyre” or a “tire,” they are right that if it’s bald it’s no good.

Other things to consider are the brakes, the paint, the service history, whether the car has been tested and taxed, the clutch, the company selling the car, the oil, the exhaust, whether or not anyone’s used the car for racing, any modifications that have been made, and whether or not the car is a fair price.  Another thing they mention is that it is important to find out how much it costs to insure the car you’re considering.  It doesn’t do you any good to buy a used car if you can’t afford to insure it.

Is the car a “cut and shut?”  This is when someone welds the front of one car to the back of another car and passes it off as a whole car.

Does the car drive straight?  Has it ever been in an accident?  Does the person who owns it have the right to sell it?  Does the VIN on the chassis match the VIN in the service book?  Are the seats, floors, and other interior in good condition?

The infographic urges you to conduct a private sale at the buyer’s home.  That way, if something goes wrong, you know where they live.  Don’t meet in a neutral location.  Odds are the seller is up to something.  Also, dont’ be afraid to haggle.  You never know until you try, right?

All in all, no matter where you live, each piece of advice is sound and good to follow.

Score Card

Design:  A

I like the use of white, blue, and orange.  The colors pop, but it isn’t too busy, and overall the infographic is easy on the eyes.  I like the font used, I like the image at the beginning, and I think the icons they used for the 20 tips look almost like a driver’s manual, which has a neat effect.

Information:  A

All the information is good.  Some of the tips are obvious, but that is good.  It just reinforces what the reader already knows, which makes the information the reader didn’t know that much more credible.  The information is presented in an attainable writing style, and even though it’s a UK-based infographic, the knowledge one gains can be used anywhere.  The information is not UK-specific, per se.

Source: used car infographic by Netcars