Gas Prices have seemed to steadily rise over the past couple of years sometimes shooting higher overnight but there was a time when gas prices were affordable. This infographic takes a look back at gas prices through the years.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

The design of the infographic looks like something out of the sixties which gives a retro feel to the infographic. The header and title image transport the reader back into the sixties from the image of the gas pump and the retro blue color. The grey background may look simple but there is a design in it that changes to represent each decade. This is also helped to break the timeline into sections. Every fact is attached to a year and gives the reader what the prices were like for that specific year. I like that the years for the seventies are on disco balls and the eighties have a very unique look as well. I think that the design of the infographic was given a lot of thought about what each decade should look and feel like and this infographic was able to capture that.


Infographic Information: B+

We all know gas prices have risen since the sixties but it was interesting to see by how much and to also compare it to other items of the time. I could not believe that you could buy a McDonald’s hamburger for $0.15. The timeline really showed the progression of inflation and how it has affected gas prices and other items through the years. I was surprised to see that gas prices did not change much from 1967 to 1972 but from 2002 to 2007 gas prices jumped more than a dollar. This shows that the more our country grows the faster inflation is taking place. I really enjoyed the 2012 facts about college costs and the price of a movie ticket since they were mentioned in other decades you can compare it to see how much the prices have changed. I would say that overall this was a really great infographic with interesting information that was fun to read.

The rising gas prices infographic was provided by Nationwide Bank

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