Hexavalent chromium (CrVI or Chromium 6) is a group of chemical compounds containing the element chromium that is odorless and tasteless. It is used in the production of stainless steel, textile dyes, wood preservation, leather tanning, and a variety of other applications. Hexavalent chromium is a probable carcinogen and was brought to national attention when it was found in the drinking water supply of the southern California town of Hinkley, and the subsequent involvement of Erin Brockovich.


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Infographic Design: B

The design for this infographic is interesting and offers a variety of images to showcase the information. I think the title is a little on the wordy side and may cause people to lose interest. The information seems to be organized and broken down into sections which make it easier for readers to follow.

Infographic Information: B

The information is a little hard to follow at times and I think that only a certain group of people will appreciate the information. The paragraph at the top of the infographic gives a little more background about the information but it is hard to read because it is so small.

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