Everyday, thousands of people in the US take some form of neurologically enhancing drugs. These drugs can range from Adderall to Provigil to Ritalin. We here at AllTreatment were curious about the effects of these drugs, and dove deep into the research to find out who is using these drugs and how it is affecting their brain. This eventually led us to create this infographic about hacking your brain. So please, take a look and learn something new today.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

This design has a very structured look to it that I think gives the information a sense of credibility. It does not look like the information is just thrown all around but strategically placed. I like that the title is at the very top grabbing the reader’s attention. I like the muted colors that are used instead of bright pastels. It gives the infographic a retro look. I think all of the images and graphs work perfectly to display the information in a unique and creative way.

Infographic Information: B+

I think it was great to see that the top paragraph had a lot of great information to get the reader interested and to setup the infographic. The title grabs the attention of the reader and the information underneath gives them a better sense of what the infographic is about. I think all of the statistics and facts are interesting and really serve a purpose of explaining how many different medicines affect our brains. I am sure many people will find this information interesting and possibly even helpful

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