Gymkhana is a new viral phenomenon where drivers skillfully drive their cars around obstacles at fast speeds then brake and drift. If you have never seen this before I suggest you check it out it is really awesome to see. This infographic talks about what gymkhana is and how it has become so viral.

Infographic Review


Infographic Design: B

The infographic has a very nice design to it which makes it nice to read. I will say that the infographic is very much a manly theme. The green and black colors look awesome and the orange helps to add some color to the infographic. The images are a little boring since this is such a cool topic I would have like to have seen more images that work with the infographic. I thought that adding the map into the bottom which shows the route that Gymkhana 4 was filmed on gave a behind the scenes feel and was a like a bonus. I think that the map should have pointed out a few more places because in the video you see a lot more recognizable places. Overall the infographic was designed really well had a nice color scheme that would attract any guy’s attention.


Infographic Information: B+

The information on the infographic really did help to explain what gymkhana is and how it has become so viral on the internet. I like the statistics that showed just how viral gymkhana videos are compared to other viral videos. It was the most shared viral video in 2011 which speaks volumes to how popular this has become.  The gymkhana series has had more views than the most watched super bowl. These facts are amazing and really tell the reader how much gymkhana has grown in such a short time. I think it is great that they talk about Ken Block and his impact on gymkhana.  The car specs are interesting to know so that you know exactly what it takes to do this type of driving. It was crazy to see how many tires are used up for the different events. It was not surprising that Nascar uses a lot but gymkhana burns 40 tire for 5 minutes of video which is amazing. So overall a really great introduction to gymkhana for those who have never heard of it and a great recap for those who have.

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