This infographic demonstrates how the flow of public money, earmarked in the 2020 US Federal Budget, will be sent out into the private sector. Massive amounts of taxpayer dollars will be used to fund every part of the US economy from healthcare to the military.  Each dollar is up for grabs as businesses and fraudsters look to take advantage when possible. Whistleblowers and US laws protect these funds but what the general public may not realize is how many different industries benefit from this funding. This graphic illustrates that flow of cash perfectly.The Government can not possibly protect all this investment in private industry and need the help of everyday citizens to report fraud as it happens.  Whistleblower Protection Acts ensure those who help the Government will not face intimidation or retaliation. Most will receive a reward for coming forward in successful cases. Making sure everyone knows which portions of the economy receive funds is crucial in preventing fraud and abuse. The video infographic dramatically shows the rivers of money flowing out of the US Congress to all the different industries. Data driven keys display precisely how much each division of the US economy will receive. Furthermore, each division is split off into sub-divisions that will  assist the viewer in recognizing all the different areas where fraud can occur.

2020 budget government public-private money infographic

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