Humans share a lot of activities, but there is nothing we do more as a species than sleep. Some of us require a lot more sleep than others such as my son who is attending college this year. If you have teen-agers or college-age children you know what I’m talking about. Calling him to meet me for lunch is more of a wake-up call, but I digress…

A Bed Ain’t Always Just a Bed

As I was writing, before my personal life rudely interrupted this review, humans all need sleep and most humans sleep on something comfortable when they drop off to dream land. And most of us sleep on a mattress whether it is filled with springs, foam, air, water or even straw. This infographic focuses on the majority who own coil, foam, latex and air mattresses, comparing the the pros (variety, adjustments, pain relief, etc.) and the cons (causes back pain, too hot, too firm, mold growth, etc.). Reading through the information can make you more confused than before you started, so I suggest you keep looking and find out other interested facts to the common bed in the mattress infographic.

Such as, the most expensive bed is a magnetic floating bed that costs $1.6 million dollars and the largest King-size bed is 12 feet by 10 feet, which would be a great bed to celebrate national pillow fight day every April 2nd.

Health Facts

Other facts included are more disturbing. Thirty-three percent of all Americans have a sleeping disorder  and we get 20% less sleep than we did just 100 years ago. That number has decreased substantially just from 2001 to 2009 and this is partially causing sleep disorders that cost us $16 billion dollars, people! Eye-opening numbers that may just keep you awake. Other “cheery” facts such as 1,550 automobile fatalities are caused by “drowsy driving” and just 1.5 less hours of sleep can reduce you alertness up to 32% are included for your consumption.

Reading the information contained in the infographic is a fun time-waster and the design  follows suit. Type is squashed and stretched like a restless insomniac to such a degree it almost becomes a graphic element more than a textual element. The pervading green color could have easily been a slightly more relaxing blue, but green does the job very well. Bursts of magenta stand out and shades of the same green and a few dashes of black and brown complete the color palette that doesn’t fight with itself.

The design breaks up the infographic into multiple information areas and random bed facts keep the reader honest (or confused) by their insertion in between the categories of information.

You won’t lose any sleep over this infographic. A decent effort.

Design: C-

The design is a bit haphazard and the text is really pushed to the limit in terms of being manipulated, but it keeps your visual interest with its chaotic nature. I almost gave this a D+ and part of me wants to but I’m feeling nice today.

Information: C

A solid effort with a B grade. A nice mix of useless, but fun facts with just enough concerning information to make you take notice. Now, get to bed on time!

Coast to Coast Mattress is promoting their mattress sale and their king mattress sale through the use of this infographic.