Who doesn’t like getting something for free? Additionally, who hasn’t found something for a bargain, only to find out that the shipping costs more the item itself? I remember one time when I ordered a very old typewriter. I found the thing for a dollar, but the shipping was $40. I hit the button too fast, and I ended up paying $40 to ship something that only cost a buck. Bad mistake, and one that was not quick to repeat. Until I found that antique accordion….but I digress.

Types of Shipping Deals

This infographic deals mainly with the different ways you can get free shipping.  You can get it from a retailer that has a large profit margin, thus allowing them to offer free shipping, but you’re really paying for the cost of shipping with the item purchase price.  It is probably good that they covered that one first, since it is technically “free shipping” but it isn’t really free.  Then they talk about free shipping with an annual membership fee, which , again, is not really “free” because you have to pay that annual fee.  This is a better option than the first one, since often an annual membership fee will entitle you to more benefits than free shipping, and can be worth it.  They then talk about the minimum order deal – you order a certain amount of goods, you get free shipping.  Some places offer free shipping on certain heavy or bulky items, mainly because they know that nobody would buy them online if they had to pay the shipping (but the infographic does not say that).   Site to store and free return shipping are two other things they talk about.

They also talk about free shipping based on location, and flat rate shipping, though flat rate shipping is just that.  A flat rate, and not free.


They throw some statistics in there, like the fact that 43% of online shopping cars are abandoned, and that 23% of online shoppers don’t shop online anymore because of the shipping costs.  More than half of the online shoppers poled (I’m assuming they were polled) said that shipping costs were a “very important” factor in deciding where and whether or not to shop online, and that three quarters of online shoppers prefer merchants who offer free shipping.  I bet the number is actually higher than that.  Who doesn’t like free shipping?  Half of the people said that they would be more likely to shop online if they got free shipping orders, and almost all of them said that when there is a chance for free shipping with some sort of present minimum for shopping they’ll shop more to get the free shipping.  Finally, 72% said that a merchant who currently offers free shipping would lose their business if they stopped offering free shipping.

Design:  B-

The infographic is clear and easy to read, but they could have done it so it wasn’t so long and you didn’t have to do so much scrolling.  The colors and typeface are OK, but it’s not a stunning infographic.

Information:  C

While the numbers are handy to have, the graphic doesn’t give us any surprising or insightful information.  Sure, people like free shipping.  I would have rather seen something that told me where I can find free shipping.

Source: FreeShipping