Almost everyone has sat in a classroom at some point in their lives. We can all remember feeling very uncomfortable sitting in those desks for hours at a time. Well this infographic shares a little information about why it is important to have the right type of furniture in schools and how the furniture we have now can be hurting us.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

The infographic is broken into three sections that can be clearly read. Each section is numbered and discusses a specific topic. The images in each section are fresh and modern and fit with the information. I do feel like the title does not fit with the rest of the infographic. The color is different which I am sure is to make it standout but I think it would have looked better in a blue color to fit with the color scheme. The image with the boy at the desk and the different health problems caused by desks was nice and worked well in that section. The last section did a good job of having the pictures of the types of furniture they suggested. If they had not been there it would have been hard to understand which types of furniture the infographic was recommending.


Infographic Information: B

Having sat in a classroom desk for a majority of my life I know how uncomfortable they can be so I was interested in reading about new furniture that would be more comfortable. I was surprised at how much your body can hurt from sitting in the wrong type of desk. It makes sense that your circulation would be bad and your back muscles would be tense but I had never thought of my digestive organs or my spine. This information was important for readers to know about so they can be aware for the next time they are purchasing personal furniture. Schools should aldo be sure to keep this information in mind when buying furniture for classrooms.

This infographic from Hertz Furniture shares the impact of well-designed school furniture on school performance. Based on the University of Manitoba’s report: Ergonomics for School Children: Schoolbags, Furniture, Computers, Visual and Auditory.

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