2010 FIFA World Cup Infographic

With the Football (or is it Futbol?) World Cup underway, the fever has set in big time and everyone seems to feeding off it. The folks at FusionCharts.com picked up stats from previous world cups and put together an infographic using their stunning charts.

While a lot of the statistics shown in the infographic are common info (done pretty neatly though), it brings to light some interesting numbers as well. For starters, the fact that the world cup winners have been from only 2 continents, South America and Europe, both at 9 apiece. Also, the figures for Goals For and Against by the winners clearly brings out the attacking nature Brazilian football has had throughout history. The infographic also brings out the highest scoring games at the World Cup till now. The home team as always is the most supported one, with South Africa having around 1.25 million fans who will be cheering for their team in the stadium. Spain and Brazil start as the overwhelming favorites as expected.

I would have like to see some more themed graphics included and less time spent on graphical bars in the graphs. The World Cup offers so many design ideas with the soccer ball, field shape, goal netting and crowd ethnicity, I think a design opportunity was lost here. Still, good numbers, good fun and a quick look at how big the FIFA World Cup games really are.

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