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This infographic is pretty cut and dry.  It tells us that only one quarter of the U.K.’s working population believes there are good start-up opportunities where they live.  Of that one quarter of the working population, 1 in 3 are afraid of starting their own business.  So that makes it so that two thirds of one quarter of the U.K. working population that are brave enough to start their own business.

If 1% started their own business, and that business made a £1000 profit, the U.K. economy would receive a boost of £33 million.  5% would create a boost of £163 million.  If all 100% did it, it would create a boost of £3.25 billion.

That’s all it says, but that’s pretty powerful.


Design:  B+

It’s clean, it’s easy to read, and it’s straightforward.

Information:  A

While it’s a very little bit of information, it’s good information, and it’s succinctly stated.

Source:  New UK business from Business Link.