This dazzling infographic (from a design standpoint, certainly not from a content standpoint as its more depressing than it is dazzling) displays stats about the most struggling countries across the planet, and rather morbid ones.

Among the disturbing stats is the fact that there is a 1 in 6 chance someone around the world will die due to lack of water. This one is extremely disheartening as well: only 4% of the world’s oceanic water has NOT been damaged by human activity in some way. The population of the world living in severly “water-stressed” environments is 2/5. The ratio of Harvard University’s annual budget is equal to the entire GDP of Rwanda.

But there are some encouraging stats as well, such as the fact that a 4rth grade class raised 35,000 to free the slaves in Sudan last year (they free them by buying them and then setting them free immediatley upon purchase). The total World Bank aid to African nations exceeded 2 billion 1986. (Not sure why that stat is over 20 years old, but that’s more of  a topic for the grading segment). Speaking of which…time for the grading segment.

Design: A-

Thes design is very well done.  They didn’t just plop a bunch of stock graphics down on the page and call it a day. Everything seems to be drawn from scratch, which won them many points.

Content: B+

Some interesting stats, especially at the bottom when it gets into pie charts and the like. But I wasn’t knocked out of my boots.

Overall, a fairly strong graphic.

Graphic provided by Vision Service Adventures.