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Every major industry in business has a convention or trade show. This infographic explores and explains some of the details involved in making and managing a successful trade show event with the use of the many trade show booths and displays that are available. Hard to believe that some people think trade shows are about the booth babes, but I can understand that as I have attended a few trade shows where the cleavage was more important than the products, but I digress…

While this infographic about trade shows and the booths and displays used at these events is an excellent example of design it is a bit overdone with a little too much text. I also had to read the bottom portion a few times to get a good understanding of adverting lag and the decay effect. Interesting for sure, but difficult to grasp the first time.

The colors in this design are on target and well-planned. A wonderful collection of earth tones and soft colors allow the large amounts of text to pop from the infographic. And since there is so much text, that is a good thing. The slab serif font as a good choice and makes the text very easy to read, especially wen there is so much to read.

I’m am impressed that there is a good amount of interesting facts about trade shows; I assume incorrectly that this would be a dry subject with little interest even though I have designed a few trade show graphics in my day.

This is definitely one of the more professional designed and researched infographics I have reviewed. The attention to detail is obvious and the care in creating the infographic is obvious. All the illustration is original and made to order for this infographic and the the style and color choices work well – from the icons to the business buildings. This is a quality infographic all around.

This infographic about trade shows provided by, an online trade show display retailer. Feel free to grab the embed code above and “display” it on your blog or site.

Design: A

Nice to see a designer put time and attention to creating infographic – This could easily be poster for trade show companies.

Information: B+

Would have given it an A, but it could have been a bit clearer and more concise in areas. Still a good job.