Research shows that there is still gender bias in ads for jobs which impact the job-seeker’s likelihood of applying for that job.

Adzuna has looked at data from the last 5 years to investigate the language used and the bias that it has created. Their focus was on the UK’s biggest industries.

The worst cases of gender bias in job advertisements were found in consultancy for males and domestic help and cleaning towards women. No surprises there. Over 60% of employment ads were found to have gender bias in 2018.

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Not much to look at other than simple graphs, which is probably all you need. Some clip art at the top gives visual interest but not enough to bring in a reader if you aren’t already interested in the subject matter.

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The research may be accurate, but it is presented in a confusing manner. Other than comparing it releatively, I have no idea what 1.72 means in Consultancy. Is it a percentage? They don’t tell you.

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