Infographic Review

Infographic Design: C

The first thing I notice about the design for this Infographic is that there is no title. Right from the beginning I am confused as to what this infographic is about. Instead of introducing the information with a nice title I am thrust right into it. I do like the white background with the bright blues to emphasize information. This infographic has a professional look to it which is nice since it is a business related topic. With that being said I would have liked to have seen a few more images that work with the information.

Infographic Information: C+

The informant is very detailed and has great statistics to show readers. The only issue is that without an opening paragraph or title readers will be confused as to what this information is about. It is important to set up the infographic with at least a catchy title. I found the facts to be interesting and gave a better understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. After you finally realized this is about entrepreneurs then the beginning information does make sense.

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