10 Things Your Employees Might be Getting Away With

  1. Fraudulent overtime claims – wrongly submitted time sheets.
  2. Private Mileage – Using company vehicles for personal use.
  3. Automobile Idling – warming cab of vehicle, wasting fuel costs.
  4. Stuck in Traffic – Common excuse for tardiness.
  5. Cash in hand work – Working for non-taxable paying side job on company time.
  6. Doing “flyers” – Having the workers on a job far away from home base and paying for living, but they come home during weekends.
  7. Route Diversion – Diverting the driving route to park up with friends, sometimes going 30 miles off route.
  8. Turning Off Phones – Used as an excuse to rest and avoid additional assignments.
  9. Taking the Scenic Route – Longer routes to ease boredom adds fuel costs.
  10. Speeding – the most common cause of wear and tear on a vehicle.


Design: C-

Lots of clip art fill this uninspired infographic. The car images look like they are from an 80s video game. I’m guessing Frogger.

Information: C

Statistics are provided for each activity that an employee might be getting away with, but the 10 choices leave much to be desired. An employee can’t warm up a car first?

via: RAM Tracking and RAM Infographic