While I personally like the flood of infographics, I know many people (designers) who are upset with the low quality and poor effort, but one good trend is the high number of green infographics that are promoting good green habits or at least pointing out the challenges we have with our current lifestyles. I would love to see a infographic that shows some facts about using hybrid vehicles versus our standard gas guzzlers, but I digress…

Money makes the world go around. And the businesses that help us make that money cause a lot of problems because we need to travel to make the money which is fed by business travel. A vicious cycle to be sure that causes high emissions. Emissions from our travel seems to be a problem without an easy solution. And while the emissions numbers focus on the UK, this problem is worldwide as are most issues that affect our little blue marble floating in space. The numbers don’t lie and tell a very chilling story about the amount of emissions caused by business travel and this is just to exhibitions alone. In 2009 the UK had 193,000 business visitors who spent 719,000 nights in hotels and spent quite a lot of money in the process. This is all great for businesses, both local and national, I’m sure. But not so great for the earth and its atmosphere.

The effect of all this travel was the release of 133,291,960 lbs. of CO2 into the atmosphere, an increase of 7% from 1990. Not a good trend for our planet.

At least this infographic does more than just point out the problem, it gives some simple solutions we can all help with, such as optimizing our travel, using energy saving facilities on-site and hiring companies that provides green products for your exhibit needs. Nothing earth-shattering but most good ideas are simple.

The design is minimal and doesn’t help the cause the infographic is trying to promote. The font used is great for the larger headings, but becomes cumbersome as body text. The graphics aren’t world-breakers and are overly simplistic. Simple is good sometimes, but simple here seems to be from lack of effort rather than a conscience design choice. The kerning (space between the letter forms) is also erratic. Too tight in some places and too wide in others. Attention to details are lacking overall.

Emissions are a bad thing and we need less of them, just like this infographic.

Design: C-

An obvious design job that was done far too hastily. More visual punch was needed.

Information: C+

The information that is provided about business travel emissions is good, but not nearly enough of it to round out this infographic.
Infographic provided by Marler|Haley providing banner stands & pop up displays to the UK.