A very sobering infographic providing facts and statistics about Driving Under the Influence, better known as DUI. While the infographic correctly points out it is better to not drink and drive, too many people think they know better and get behind the wheel.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

DUI statistics are a serious topic that this infographic is able to capture truthfully. The color scheme is dark and serious which fits the seriousness of the topic. The background looks like a road which goes perfectly with the infographic information.

The 3D map of the Unites States that showed the states with the most DUI related deaths was a great image. The standard drinking chart was informative but a little boring where it could have been put into a more creative chart. The layout of the infographic was well thought out. The borders and arrows helped to guide the reader down the image to the different information. It flowed well and the theme fit with the information but some of the images that were used were boring and easy to ignore. I think it is important to have images that grab the reader’s attention. Some of the images looked like basic clip art and really could have been done better.

I think it would have been good to use colors like yellow, red, black, and orange throughout the whole infographic. These colors make up images of the road and would fit well with the topic. One thing that I thought was interesting was the use of red on the road background at the top. It looks like blood I guess to suggest that there has been a car accident. This is a great way to make sure viewers take this information seriously. Overall this infographic was well designed and, although not the most creative, conveyed the importance of the subject.

Infographic Information: B+

The statistics in this infographic are quite scary and really do make the reader think about the effects of drinking and driving. The top information noted that in some states even if you blow less than .08% BAC, you could still be arrested if the officer thinks you are incapable of driving. I think this fact is important to anyone who may consider drinking and driving after a couple of drinks. Although you may be below the legal limit you can still be arrested and then you will need a traffic lawyer to help you in court. The statistic that every minute one person is injured in an alcohol related crash is eye-opening and shows how serious this information is.

The fact that 1 in 3 people will be involved in an alcohol related crash in their lifetime is amazing and scary. This fact brings the information to a personal level by asking the reader to think about themselves being involved in a crash.  The infographic stated that most drunk drivers who have been arrested have usually done it at least eighty times before. This shows that while you may think you can drink and drive there is still that chance that you will be caught and arrested. It is always best not to take that change and have a designated driver.

It is no surprise that underage drinking is a problem in the U.S. but the statistic that kids who start drinking early are more likely to be in an alcohol-related crash. I think that we all know someone who has been killed in an alcohol related crash which shows how accurate this statistic really is. While the information is sobering and sad it really is a great tool to educate people on drinking and driving.

Infographic about DUI facts provided by auto accident attorney Anna R. Yum.

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