Your basement may or may not be your home’s primary hotspot for social activity, but it does house an eerie potential for monstrous disasters. For this reason it is important to give your basement regular attention. Do yourself a favor; don’t be concerned with those puny monsters beneath the bed, check the basement for the real deal.

The basement is the command center for home maintenance, housing nearly everything it takes to keep a house comfortable and running smoothly. In addition, the basement is your home’s foundation, and holding up a house is no small task. Basement walls are nothing to be taken lightly, and leaks can be a real problem. Don’t overlook any cracks you see.

Windows, sump pumps, drains, the furnace, air filters and appliances are other habitats for monstrosity. Adequate maintenance and attention can avert catastrophe. Be an aware and vigilant homeowner and invest energy, time and effort to prevent a true scare.

Basement monsters can affect more than your bank account, inadequate attention could cause injury or even death. Educate yourself about potential problems in your basement so you know exactly what signs to look for and who to call if you find an issue.

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