My Digital Life 2.0 Infographic

submitted by Randy Krum at Cool Infographics.

What can I say, I love it. I wish my digital life as as well organized. Unfortunately where he has nice straight lines, I have a squiggly mess that resembles spaghetti gone wild. All kidding aside, Randy has done a nice job of sharing the optimal digital life and relationships of all these gadgets and toys in a infographic. You may ask, why does this need to be an infographic? I would argue this isn’t an infographic about one person’s organization of their digital devices, but an infographic about our new digital society and this graphic is a microcosm of our new digital world. In any case it is a fun infographic and after a few serious ones, this just feels right. Thanks, Randy. Here is a quote from him about this infographic.

The infographic highlights many of the decisions a consumer has to make with each new gadget they buy.

* What kind of batteries should I use?
* How much and what kind of memory will I need?
* How do I connect to my existing gadgets and computers?
* How will it work in my car?
* Do I have an available connection?
* Where can I add a new gadget (like a new hard drive)?

And you can find more insights from Randy about this infographic here.

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