I don’t think enough people realize how prevalent and how serious diabetes is in our country. Treatment has come a long way for those with Type I and that is great, but Type II is a form of diabetes that really doesn’t need to be a epidemic if we (United States) could consume less and exercise a bit more. I mean, aren’t there enough horrible viruses, diseases and illnesses trying to kill us without us doing it to ourselves with a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle helping us to an early grave? But I digress…

Diabetes, a Serious Disease, but not a Serious Infographic

I know it can be hard to create an infographic about a disease, but the fact that you are trying to educate about something as important as Diabetes should give the designer some extra passion to put out the best effort they can. I am not sure this diabetes infographic had a true designer behind the scenes. The graphics are all gray colored and very simple line drawings or basic shapes. The snail drawing is actually the most interesting while the juvenile stick figure just seems lazy. The purple and green colors don’t really convey the seriousness of the infographics and look like something a wallpaper designer would choose. I’m getting conflicting messages from teh design and the information.

Diabetes Type(faces)

The intermixing of typefaces is odd and the use of an italicized Bodoni typeface doesn’t fit with the information. We are talking about life-altering and potentially deadly diseases. Using a typeface that speaks more towards entertainment seems an ill fit here.

The Difference Between Type I Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

The information is easy to read, as there isn’t much, but the high points are covered and if you ever needed to know which type of diabetes someone has, this would explain it fairly quickly. But it ends there and I was hoping this infographic would go a bit further to educate on how easy or difficult it would be to prevent type II diabetes. And the big “YES – NO” text seems too oversimplified to get such a large amount of infographic space.

I would have liked some more information about each disease and the space certainly would have allowed it. The facts are nice but more details would have been sweeter.

As infographics go, this is a functional explanation about the Type I and Type II Diabetes differences but it really doesn’t go much further than that and I think it should.

Design: D+

Poor choices in typefaces, confusing color palette and poor use of space all make this a rough draft rather than a finished piece.

Information: C+

It does its job and not much more. Diabetes is a bigger issue in America than we realize and this infographic could have done so much more to help get that across.

Diabetes Infographic submitted by Achieve Clinical, a medical research facility that runs clinical trials on a wide range of diseases (including Diabetes) at their facilities in Birmingham, AL.