All organizations have data that they store in order to run their business and keep records. Many organizations use data centers to store their data but now with the development of the cloud many are turning to this new online data storage. This infographic takes a look at the high costs of using data centers that go down often.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  A+

The design of this infographic looks like a cartoon with a character taking money and running throughout the infographic to hide and bury it. I thought this was a cool way to actually show the loss of money that many companies suffer from with data center downtimes. The colors all work well together and each different section has a new color which helps to separate the information. I think that overall the design in great because everything that is on the infographic from the colors to the images and the graphics all tie back into the idea that data center downtime is a thief and is stealing the companies’ money.

Infographic Information: B+

The information was broken down into different sections the first showing how data center downtime costs companies money. This is important to start with because it gives the reader a reason to keep reading. This section sets the problem so that the rest will make sense. The other sections show data about just how much data center downtime interrupts business time and how many times a year this can happen. Finally the infographic shows through graphs just how much the cloud infrastructure can save you with annual downtime losses. The end nicely gives you advice on what to do to protect your company from data center downtime. This section is really nice because readers like to be given specific instructions on what to do and this gives them that.

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