We all might say “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” lightly, but if you’re an elderly person and take a fall, there’s a very real possibility that you won’t be able to stand back up as easily as somebody younger. Because of that, bathroom safety, something that a younger crowd most likely takes for granted, is a more pressing concern for the elderly, and something they have to take seriously.

Fortunately, AmeriGlide has put together a great infographic that not only points out the instances of falling injuries amongst the the elderly (65 and older), and gives some handy suggestions on how to avoid these injuries, from additions to your existing tub and bathroom, to the installation of Walk-In Tubs to make getting in and out even easier by eliminating the need to step up and over to get in and out of your current tub.

Given that nearly a third of falling injuries to the elderly take place inside of the bathroom, I’d say there’s good reason to take the advice that this infographic is putting forth and make sure that the elderly in your life have either installed the proper slip-proof mats and adhesives to their tubs along with grip bars for getting in and out, or have decided to upgrade their tub to a walk-in model that will facilitate getting in and out easier with even less worry of slipping and falling.

Design – C

The graphic makes it amply clear what issue it’s trying to make with a minimum need for content, which is nice since it allows you to quickly skim over the graphic and get the important facts that it’s trying to make.

Content – B-

Even with a minimum of content, the point is quickly made, especially when paired with the images in the graphic. I do appreciate that the designers of the graphic chose to narrow the scope to the elderly, which made the graphic far more relevant, and also helped to drive the point about the dangers of falling, particularly in the bathroom, more real.