What makes good customer service? An interesting topic for an infographic to tackle, if I do say so myself. This graphic starts off by displaying the top 10 commandments for good customers service.  Among those are mainly common sense policies, but despite this, not all customer service people follow these core principals.  One such tillar, “always provide what you promise,” is sadly ignored all too often.  In fact, some businesses are completely built off a lie and selling that lie. Another principle, “never argue with a customer” is being broken somewhere everyday, probably every hour.

The next portion of the graphic goes on to describe the state of customer service in America, and breaks these stats down by industry. The telling statistic in this segment of the graphic is that no industry had a higher than 10 percent exceptional rating. But four industries did have exceptional ratings: communications, retail, financial services, and insurance.  Based on my interpretation of this portion, it is very hard to determine which industry is the leader when it comes to customer service.  On the one hand, the financial services industry had 10 percent of people give it an exceptional rating, and 45 percent give it an above average rating, but it also had 30 percent of people give it a “poor” rating, which is a higher percentage poor rating than any of other industries received.  So much for that industry getting the most overall high marks.

I do wonder though how much of that 30% poor rating comes from public perception of that industry and not from actual customer service experiences.  The creators do not say much about the source of this information, other than mentioning it at the bottom of  the graphic.

The next section of the graphic ranks companies based on their polled customer service ratings.  This is the juicy stuff.  Unfortunately for AOL, it clocks in last, with a monstrous 42% of people polled saying that its customer service was horrid in 2010. No wonder it’s trying to change its business model to that of content creation and buy Yahoo.  Unsurprisingly, Bank of America also received unfavorable ratings.

So, which companies had the highest customer service ratings in the poll?  Amazon, Trader Joe’s, and Netflix top the list.  Apple also scored well in the poll, sure to please Apple enthusiasts across the land.

Infographics Scorecard

Design: B

This graphic’s design isn’t going to blow anyone away. On the plus side, it’s not going to make anyone scream in terror either.  Therefore, I’ve rewarded it with a solid “B.” The graphic as a whole is attractive, but it’s not dazzling.

Content: B+

Again, the content of this graphic is solid, but not extraordinary. It’s filled with facts pulled from various sources, but there are no amazing or outlandish stats to make you stop and say, “Wow! That’s fascinating!” If you contrast the sort of facts in this graphic with the ones presented in say, the Google graphic we ran, you can see what I’m talking about.

Overall, this graphic is impressive, but not in an off-the-charts sort of way. What do you think, loyal infographic showcase reader? Did this graphic adequately answer the question, “What makes good customer service?”

Graphic supplied by Get Satisfaction.

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