The first step when starting a kickstarter is crowdfunding for first time creators. You have to know the community, such as who they are, what would they buy and other projects that have a commonality with your product that have been successfully crowd funded. Then it is time to build an audience for your product with social media. Put a lot of efforts into Facebook and share to other forms of social media such as Twitter and Instagram. Start to seek out and attach yourself to groups dedicated to your project’d genre. Build a reputation within those groups as a member of the community. Then make your own Facebook page and group dedicated to your product! Be sure to be active with the community at least 3-5 times a week by posting things that anyone might find interesting. Then it is wise to make a mailing list to fund project and use Facebook Advertising. Get Manufacturing Quotes and nail down your crowd funding goal. Be sure to look professional, make an awesome video and get video reviews. Then set appropriate rewards tiers for your backers and set amazing stretch goals. Also Figure out how long your campaign should last. Now it is time to prepare to launch based on trending months and days. Click launch and get ready to work a full time job!

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