cloud computing infographic

Ever wanted the lowdown on cloud computing stats? This graphic by Cloud Hype Market provides just that.  And what you learn by reading the graphic may shock you. You see, in the next few years, cloud computing will expand greatly.  So greatly in fact that cloud computing expenses will account for 25% of all IT department expenditure by 2012. According the graphic, most people agree that using the cloud has done the following:

–alleviated internal resource pressures

–reduced the cost of infrastructure

–decreased IT performance challenges

–improved end-user experience

–simplified the IT managment process

–improved user’s self-worth

Here’s in interesting stat for you. There are 50 million servers in the world today, and Google owns 2% of them. In time, that 2% may be 20%, and decades from now, perhaps 60% or higher.  Now, who are the principal “actors” of the cloud, as the graphic puts it? 4 companies have the most marketshare.  They are, Google, Rackspace, and Microsoft 365.  All of these services host mission critical apps like email and other services.

The bottom of the graphic is filled with some interesting stats. Did you know that 56% of Internet users use email services like gmail, yahoomail, and hotmail. I would have thought that it would be higher. 34% store personal photos online.  I thought that stat would have been lower. 5% pay to store files online and 5% pay to backup their hardrive online. I was surprised at those two stats.  We all sense they are only going to go higher.

Infographics Grading Showdown

Design: B+

A great graphic, but can you guess why I didn’t reward it with an A? Check out the last section.  Do you think the creator choose a good use of colors there? You have to squint your eyes to read it.  Light gold (if that’s the color) on black doesn’t work. That section should have been re-done before it went to print.

Content: A-

No real complaints here.  Solid stats presented in lucid ways.  Overall, a very impressive job by the folks at CloudHyperMarket. Looks like a useful website as well.