The DJ or band sets the mood for your Bar Mitzvah party. Once you have your date set, it is time to start looking for a DJ. Remember, DJs typically take the first offer that comes their way for a particular date, so the sooner you can book one, the better off you will be.

If you have friends or relatives who have already planned a Bar Mitzvah in your area, ask them which DJ they used and what they thought about the entertainment value they received. This will help you narrow down the field. Then, determine the level of entertainment you require. Do you need a high energy DJ, or is your event more formal, just requiring some simple music? Knowing your needs will help you as you interview perspective DJs.

Choose a DJ with experience in providing entertainment for Bar Mitzvahs. This will ensure that they are familiar with the traditional songs that you may want. Also, look for one that has dancers who can teach your guests some of the traditional dances. This will add entertainment value to the party. Once you find one that comes highly recommended and understands the needs of a Bar Mitzvah, schedule them for your date. Waiting will simply give someone else the chance to make the call before you!

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Infographic Design:  B

Traditional and conservative design that gives a religious feel that works well with the information. I think the design may not be the most creative but it is focusing on a specific audience which makes it appropriate and relevant to that audience.

Infographic Information: A

The information is a really good checklist for someone who is going to be planning a Bar Mitzvah. I like how it is broken down into a timeline giving the reader exact times to accomplish each task. The infographic also helps to give those who are not familiar with Bar Mitzvahs a better understanding of what it takes to organize one.

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