Choosing a web host for your precious little web site or you monstrous web presence can be a daunting decision, especially if you are new to the idea of hosting your own web site. This guide or flowchart for choosing a host can help navigate your decision process so you pick the best hosting option for you.

Some questions to ask: What type of site do you want to host? Ecommerce? Marketing? Corporate?

Will you process payments with your site? Do you need to compy with a security policy? What about your own expertise in hosting? Will your site have traffic spikes?

Answer these questions and get a decision on whether to host using cloud servers, hybrid hosting, dedicated hosting or other options included in this infographic.


Design:  B

Nice use of a chalkboard and chalk as the design element to hold together the information in an interesting visual.

Information:  B-

It seems a bit too simplistic. There are other variables to consider that should have been listed such as using Linux or Windows. But the basis for a good decision are here, but you will need to contact a hosting company for more details.

Infographic by Rackspace Hosting