This infographic compares 8 top business card printing companies in terms of minimum order, price per card on minimum order, cost per 1000, standard card stock, UV coating, full color back, ground shipping to PA, delivery time, final size, and total with shipping.  There is a fairly complicated grid at the beginning that shows the stats for each category for each contender (123 Pring, ABC Business cards, GreatFX, moo, Overnight Prints, U Printing, Vistaprint, and Zazzle).  It shows the winner and loser for each category.  There can be more than one winner, and more than one loser.  For instance, several companies use UV Coating, so they are all winners for that category.


This section discusses each of the contenders, with an overview of their product, and grades for stock, printing quality, and card crop of the front of the card and packaging and delivery for the package the cards come in.  The overall winners are OvernightPrints, GreatFX, and UPrinting, while the winners of Overall, Cheapest, and Fastest go to OvernightPrints , UPrinting, and AllBusinessCards, respectively.

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Source:  Business Cards in a Business Card Face Off