He leaped from the highest bridge to the tallest building and when Earth seemed too small to contain the BASE jumping ambitions of Felix Baumgartner, he looked to space instead. This 43-year-old former soldier from Austria is always chasing the ultimate experience, going higher and faster than anyone before him. Overcoming fear and facing the unknown, Felix Baumgartner is the man who fell to Earth. Here’s a look at the career highlights of one of the world’s greatest thrill seekers.


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Outdoor World Direct, leading supplier of outdoor gear and sporting goods, are celebrating the greatest freefalls of Austrian BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner with a dynamic infographic entitled Born To Fly.

Trace the career of former soldier Baumgartner with the help of Outdoor World Direct’s original graphic illustration and learn how the thrill seeker advanced from the world’s lowest BASE jump in Rio de Janeiro to a leap from the stratosphere.

Combining a timeline with details of Baumgartner’s desire to go higher and faster than any man before him, Born To Fly, gives you everything you need to know about the world’s greatest BASE jumper.

Felix Baumgartner shocked the world and smashed multiple world records, including the highest and the fastest freefall, when he became a supersonic skydiver in October 2012 leaping from 120,000 feet.

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