In today’s modern world it seems the written word within a paper book is doomed especially with the coming of the digital reader (nook, e-reader, kindle) and the convenience of carrying an entire library in your pocket. This infographic weight the cons and merits of the age-old book versus the new digital reader.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: D

I am very disappointed in this submission. So much could have been done to play off the idea of the written word vs. the digital text. Instead we get a pedestrian color palette with images that don’t really add much other than some size measurements the “designer” needed to include. A condensed font was used make readability a nightmare when there was plenty of room to allow for a wider typeface to be sued. The white space is overwhelming and the graphics seems to be floating in space. without any real connection to the content. This infographic makes me want to choose cave paintings over reading its poorly designed contents.

Infographic Information: C+

The information included on books vs digital readers in this infographic is statistical viable. The sales numbers are interesting, and hopefully accurate. It is bood to se that paper books still hold a sizable lead (at least to me, and I own a kindle too) and look to be a safe bet for years to come. It is nice that the research shows multiple types of info such as size comparisons, sales information and demographics of ownership.