While walking and running are natural for the human body, it appears that finding the right running shoes for your feet is more of a science than a feeling. The best running shoes for your feet may not be the running shoes you have now or have been buying in the past. This infographic about running shoes supplies some tips and advice for you to use before you go running into the shoe store for you next pair of running shoes.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

Choosing the right pair of running shoes is important to runners and this infographic shows how to choose the right running shoes. The Steps to choosing the running shows are clearly marked and easy for the reader to follow. When something is broken down into steps it makes it fun to read and easy to remember because you will usually remember each step. The overall look of the infographic is clean and the color scheme looks great. Running is about being healthy and the colors that are used feel healthy and new. I like that the images fit in with the color theme. There are no odd ball images or colors that do not fit in with the infographic. The images for the different ways to lace your running shoes were a great way to really show how to do it. Without these images readers would have a hard time visualizing the correct way. Also the last step was to know your number which gave a bunch of statistics. Normally a lot of numbers does not work but because these numbers were so large and easy to read it encouraged the reader to look at the facts. Overall a well-designed infographic with a wonderful color scheme that was easy to read.

Infographic Information: A

The information was great and I would say that after reading the infographic I now know what kind of running shoes I need. It read like a checklist that you needed to complete in order to choose the best running shoes. Understanding what types of shoe you need is important and where you will be running affects the type of shoe you need. This is all information that can be found under the “know your running shoes “section. Then you need to know your feet which many people might not think about. It was interesting that you need to consider which way your ankles roll when running and the height of your arches. It makes sense but I can tell you I never thought of those things when buying my shoes. Apparently it is also important to know what type of ground you will be running on so that you can choose the proper shoes. Roads require more light and flexible shows while running on trails you will need shoes that offer stability and traction. Three to four months is the length of time that the average pair of running shoes last or about 400 miles. The section on lacing techniques was great and really informative because I only know one way to lace my shoes and to learn the different techniques and when to use them will be helpful. The statistics at the bottom I found to be interesting and relevant and ended the infographic in a fun way. The information overall was well written and offered awesome advice on how to choose the best pair of running shoes.

Infographic submitted by REI in support of their Running Shop.


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