This infographic isn’t kidding, this really is a complete guide to interval training. A colorful example of using graphics to help communicate information.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A-

You can always tell when an infographic is planned from the beginning by a designer with a end-result in mind. The colors, graphics and layout all make sense. This is the case for this infographic providing information on exercise via interval training. The illustrations are all custom and support the contextual information nearby the drawings. The colors and textures are slightly overwhelming but the convey a kinetic energy, which I believe was the point of this choice of design. Flash, high contrast colors and lots of visuals both big and small to keep the eye busy and racing around, much like interval training. This infographic is great for a visual workout!

Infographic Information: A

There is so much to take in, it feels like I am reading a very tall comic book rather than an infographic on exercise health. Topics covered include High-Intensity training, types of interval training such as the Tabata Method, the Little Method and the Turbulence Method. Detains of each are provided so  you could theoretically begin training after studying this infographic. High level information is combined nicely with details such as how long to do each method.