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Being Bilingual has useful benefits in an ever increasingly globalized world. However recent studies have shown the advantages of bilingualism are far more important that conversing to more of the worlds population or job prospects. Bilingualism makes your smarter!

There are many benefits to being bilingual;
Improved Cognitive Skills: Being bilingual keeps the brain active and alert, which studies have shown allows bilingual children to prevail in problem solving scenario’s, both in speed and success rates, which are developed further as bilingualism is enhanced. Researchers’ from York University discovered that individuals’ who are fluent in more than one language tend to have quicker response rates than those who only speak one, as well as heightened concentration.

Improved Creativity: Bilingualism is also proven to develop ‘outside-the-box’ thinking necessary for acute problem solving. Learning a new language at any life stage has proven beneficial to those pursuing a creative careers or hobbies. Research has shown that being creative alters our mood, self-esteem and socialization; thus, being bilingual not only has neurological advantages, but physiological.

Global Mindedness:
The benefits of bilingualism extend beyond the obvious linguistic elements. It allows individuals to enjoy bi-cultural advantages i.e. bilingual individuals are subjected to elements of different cultures. When learning a second language an individual is also developing their understanding of cultural differences’. Learning to accept, understand and appreciate the differences between cultural values helps to create global minded citizens suited for the global, multicultural society.

Many Chinese International Schools offer the ability to learn the local language along with English, In China there are several good international schools in the Shanghai and Beijing districts, one in particular that is well known for its Chinese curriculum is Yew Chung International School, with campuses in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Qingdao and Hong Kong, they encompass a global outlook on education, as well as endorsing a strong focus on bilingual education.

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