If everything you ever wanted to know about bed bugs could be encapsulated by one graphic, it would probably be this one.  Bed bugs are making a comeback in 2010, as recent infestations have been reported across the country.  We tend to hate these pests without really getting to know them, and that’s not entirely fair.  They have little families and love their children just as much as the next species. This graphic is loaded with essential facts about the critters so that we can understand their psychology a bit more.

The average psychology of a bed bug is this: eat and drink blood like there’s no tomorrow, because, baby, there isn’t! Bed bugs only have about 10 months to live, so believe you me, they are going to try and make the most of their lives.

Now, let’s examine some of the bed bugs facts presented in the graphic shall we.  A female bed bug lays a whopping 200-500 eggs in her lifetime.  Given these numbers, it’s no wonder there are so many bed bugs in existence. Compared to other blood-eating critters however, a bed bug is a small potato. The damned things only eat .0055 milliliters of blood per bite. The common household horsefly eats 0.5 milliliters by contrast.   So while a bed bug might be an annoying pest, it doesn’t strike the fear of man into people like the treacherous horsefly.

As you probably know, the bed bug is making its presence known across the country in recent months. What cities are experiencing their wrath more than others? According to the graphic, Denver, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, and the three major cities of Ohio are getting hit the hardest. If you’re on the west coast, you’re a lucky dog it seems.  Alright, time for the grading portion.

Design: B

Nothing too new or innovative here.  The color scheme is kind of boring to be frank.  Black, gray, and brown dominate the graphic–not exactly ideal colors if you’re tying to catch people’s attention, especially the way they’re presented here. The charts are average, both in design and concept.

Content: B

The content is somewhat deep, so that’s an area that the graphic handled well. Comparing how much blood bed bugs consume per bite to other insects is an interesting segment.  The fact that the infographic incorrectly labels a tick as an insect though (it’s an arachnid, not an insect) caused me to lower their later grade from B+ to B.

So, overall, I would call this graphic pretty good, but not outstanding.

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