B2B marketers use LinkedIn and B2C marketers use Facebook. That’s only logical, right? Conventional wisdom says that B2B marketing simply doesn’t work on Facebook because prospects are socializing. But does this really make sense?

Sheer numbers point to Facebook as a better opportunity for B2B marketers. Facebook blows LinkedIn out of the water in important states like users, minutes, and even users over the age of 35. That certainly seems like a good reason to use Facebook for B2B marketing, especially if no one else is.

At first glance, it seems counter-intuitive to market B2B products when prospects are in their “at-home” mode. But is it really? B2B marketers like Southwest Airlines and United Parcel Service of America are major advertisers on NFL programming. If people will listen to B2B marketing messaging while they’re watching football, why wouldn’t they listen when they’re chatting with friends and family?

Infographic provided by: http://www.bopdesign.com