Real Time Information (RTI) shall become the standard reporting PAYE/NIC in April of 2013. Many businesses have already begun preparing for this and the following infographic by small business software specialists IRIS shows what will change and what will remain the same when RTI is eventually rolled out.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  D

The design for this infographic lacks a lot of creativity. There seems to be very little effort put into the design.  The images and the colors feel outdated giving the infographic a boring look. The check list works well though answering the question about what will change. I like the giant checks and x marks that clearly show the reader what will and won’t change. I just feel like the topic is boring enough so why not make the design a little more fun.

Infographic Information: C+

The information seems to be good for what the topic is about. I learned about the payroll process from how it was done, how it is done, and how it will be done. I think the check list was the highlight of the information giving the readers a good idea of what they can expect from RTI.


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