This UK-based infographic asks if you are addicted to your mobile phone.  They say that 83% of people own mobile phones, and I am thinking they are talking about the population of the UK, because no way for the whole world, you know?  Of that 83%, 35% own smartphones.  Of the people who own cell phones, about half of them admit to be addicted to their devices.  Scary.

What do people do on their phones?  44% get on the internet.  23% participate in social networking.  38% send and receive emails.  73% take photos with their phones.  54% send those photos or video with their phone.  73% of mobile phone owners text message.

What would people be willing to sacrifice in order to keep their mobile phones?  70% of mobile phone owners would sacrifice alcohol (because what is the fun of drunk dialing on a pay phone?), 63% would give up chocolate (are they crazy?), and 33% would give up sex (we’re guessing the mobile phone has something to do with that for that 33%…).

Signs of Smartphone Addiction

Of the following scenarios, if  more than 7 apply to you, you’re addicted to your mobile phone and should seek help in the form of outdoors and fresh air immediately.  Leave the phone at home.

Scenario 1 – I never turn off my mobile phone.  See the image for more statistics related to this scenario, and for the following.  I don’t want to give everything away in this description!

Scenario 2 – I walk and text.

Scenario 3 – I don’t care where I am, I’ll talk on my phone.

Scenario 4 – I use company time to make personal calls.

Scenario 5 – I Facebook, Twitter, etc during work meetings.

Scenario 6 – I take my phone to the potty with me, and use it while I’m doing my businesses.

Scenario 7 – Rather than talking to people, I check my email, Twitter feed, etc. in public.

Scenario 8 – I don’t even watch TV anymore.  I just watch stuff on my phone.

Scenario 9 – I check my social feeds in the middle of the night.

The bottom line?  Moderation is key.


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