Did you know that tap water can contain pesticides, herbicides, bacterias, micro-organisms, organic materials and radio-nuclicides which can cause water-related illness? Learn how you can reduce the risk of gastro-intestinal disease by up to 33% with effective water filters.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  C+

The design for this infographic is clean and bright. The title engages the readers and invites them further into the infographic. I like the use of water and pipes to help display the information as well as the images of the bottles. I do think that some of the images are a little basic looking but they do add something to the infographic. This is not the most exciting design for an infographic but it displays that information in a clear manner.

Infographic Information: B

The information is great because it has a lot of facts related to water and the different illnesses. As I was reading I found a lot of information that I had never known before. This is the sign of good information because it is giving the reader more knowledge than they already had. I like that the last bit of information is how to filter your water properly so that you can avoid this water related illnesses.

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