Here is an Airbus A360 infographic that will send you reeling through the air like an out-of-control plane. Let’s open this analysis with the following question. Think American-based airline companies are good? B-b-baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet. American airline companies ain’t got nothing on Singapore. Why? Because of a little plane called the Airbus A380. Of course, this plane isn’t actually little at all. It’s the largest plane in the world. It can carry a monstrous 450 passengers.

The graphic notes a series of interesting facts about the plane, such as the fact that Sydney Airport Authorities spent $128 million to upgrade its infrastructure in order to accommodate the jumbo jet, which included the widening or runways, the building of special air bridges, and the reinforcement of underground tunnels. Alright, let’s get down and dirty with some nitty-gritty facts about the plane. The plane is 72.7 meters long (which is the size of two blue wales), and it is 24.1 meters high (which is equal to five giraffes). Qantas is adding 20 A380s to its fleet at a total cost of $6.7 billion. That is a whopping number. Just how whopping. Well, it’s three times the GDP of Greenland, which is equal to 13 ritzy Sydney Opera Houses. It has an 80 meter wingspan (equal to 35 wedge-tail eagles), and the thing weighs 580 tonnes, which is equivalent to 165 elephants, meaning that even the Incredible Hulk would probably have trouble lifting the plane. I imagine even he has a maximum capacity.

Oh, and how much cargo room is there in the plane? Enough for 3,000 suitcases, so if you fly on this baby, you don’t have to pack light. It is now time for the grading portion.

Infographics Scorecard

Design: B+

Pretty decent graphic, from a design standpoint. I am not that impressed with the color scheme. Seems pretty plain. Beyond that, the images were captivating.

Content: A-

A great research job here. The creators went out of their way to find intriguing facts. Showing, for instance, that the amount of paint required for the craft was equal to the amount of paint Michelangelo would need if he painted the Sistine Chapel 97 times over took some real research.

I applaud the Flight Centre for providing such a stupendous graphic.

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