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Finance and Accounting jobs can be some of the hardest jobs to have. They require a lot of knowledge and education that many do not want to take the time to learn. This infographic explains why a career in finance or accounting might be something to look into.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B-

The first think I see when I look at the infographic is the big percentage at the top which makes me think that it is an interest rate. My thought is that this is a flyer for a bank about their interest rates because all of the numbers are percentages. This can be a turn off for people who find that type of information boring. I like that there are clearly defined sections that break up the infographic. The colors go with the topic because they are professional colors that look like they could be used in a finance office or an accounting office. The pictures also fit with this theme and the graph that shows the rate of salary increases looks like something I would see in a financial institution. Since a lot of the information was from Australia and relates to Australia it is nice that there is a picture of Australia in the infographic. The images for the salary roles section work with this theme. I would normally say that they are not exciting enough but for this topic I believe that they work well. I think the idea for this infographic was to be more professional and clean rather than creative and different. This is because more young professionals would be reading this and they usually like more logical and clear information. So while the layout might seem a little boring to me I think that it does a good job of reaching its target readers.

Infographic Information: C

The information might be good for someone who is in school trying to figure out what they want to do and whether finance or accounting is right for them. The information is easy to read but it is very basic and does not offer in depth information that would help the reader to make a decision. A lot of the information is focused on Australia which limits the reach of the information to just Australians or those looking to move there. It is important for the information to be able to reach a large audience. The incentives and benefits section talks about the extra things that employers might give to employees that might attract them. This section seemed a little obvious but I guess for those who have not worked for a large company before they would be surprised. Not all companies offer benefits like these but it would be nice to have a job that did. Overall the information did not quite meet the mark. There is a lot of great information that could have been included but we were just left with a few statistics and some nice titles and images.

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Key accounting salary trends in Australia

  •     Nearly half Australian CFOs expect salaries to rise in 2012
  •     34% expect a rise of between 3-4%
  •     The boom in the resources sector means salary rises are more prolific in Brisbane and Perth
  •     Employers are looking at non-monetary rewards and benefits to retain their staff

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