This infographic talks about the benefits of taking fish oil. I’m glad this came up, because I take it, and I have heard that it’s good for you (hence why I take it), but I think something that spells it out for you is quite nice.  Because, if you are taking something every day, it’s good to know why.  Otherwise, why do it?


They start of telling us something we should already know, that oily fish are full of vitamin A, D, and Omega-3.  Not many people eat enough oily fish to reap the health benefits, so they make supplements you can take to make up for it.

The Breakdown

The next section breaks down the benefits by the substance found in these supplements.  They start with Omega-3, which can help out with your cholesterol levels, your blood pressure, your joints, and many other things.  Vitamin A can increase your night vision and boost the immune system.  Vitamin D can help prevent rickets and helps with your calcium and phosphate levels.  The infographic suggests that children six months to five years, as well as people over 65 should take Vitamin D supplements, as should people with darker skin tone, and people who avoid sunlight all the time.  However, pregnant women should watch out for taking anything with Vitamin A, which can harm the unborn child.

The Right Fish

The next section gives you a little silhouette and the name of the oil-rich fish that you are probably not eating, thus facilitating the need for you to take these supplements.  The oily fish are:  cod, haddock, whiting, herring, mackerel, trout, salmon, and tuna.

The Supplements

Three popular supplements are discussed.  Cod liver oil has all three of the nutrients mentioned above.  Omega 3.6.9 had Omega-3 from fish oil, Omega-6 from sunflower oil, and Omega-9 from olive oil.  That’s what I take, incidentally.  Finally, Krill Oil is a natural source of Omega 3, but it also has a dose of astaxanthin, an antioxidant that the other supplements lack.

Design:  A

It’s just a really nice-looking infographic.  The typefaces are good, the colors provide a good contrast, and the images are tasteful.

Information:  A+

A great resource for anybody who wonders if they should be taking fish oil, and for those who are taking it (*ahem*) and don’t know why.

Source:  Omega 3 and omega 3 fish oil from