In a typical day, we visit countless websites, on numerous devices. We open apps, we read emails, we shop, we browse, we communicate. Our lives today revolve around the internet. It’s how we, as a society, function. Without it, the world we know would grind to a halt. 

With our incessant appetite for all the online world has to offer, the volume of data flowing across the web is almost unimaginable. Like a cascading waterfall, the trail we leave behind is vast, powerful, and—if not controlled—potentially dangerous.

Think of it as your digital fingerprint. When you open a door, scratch your arm, cough, or shed a hair, your personal DNA is deposited, leaving a trail about who you are and where you’ve been. Now, imagine those DNA-like traces hold important information beneath the surface, like your Social Security number, medical records, credit card details, and your home address.

This infographic highlights just some of the ways, in any given day, we as internet users are vulnerable. It’s no wonder, then, that data breaches and identity theft are on the rise. To curb this trend, people need better education on the dangers—as well as what tools they can use to protect their online privacy and security.