Timeplots’ first print, A Visual History of the Supreme Court, seemed a little daunting at first glance — but given a second look, it imparts a significant amount of (actually interesting) historical information while remaining visually appealing. It’s a good example of a more academic infographic done right; seems like lawyer-types and history geeks would really like this. Click through to the Timeplots website to zoom in and see more thumbnails: http://timeplots.com/scotus/

While it can be a bit of a visual sensory overload, the sheer volume of information makes it worth the time to read. You can buy the print on the site and in order to appreciate the full scope, you probably need to see a printed version. Printing is a preferred choice.

They are about to release more Visual History prints on the U.S. presidency and the U.S. Senate, among others, so stay tuned; it’ll be interesting to see what else they create.